In 2016, I became a volunteer web developer for Womankind, a nonprofit organization that advocates for survivors of domestic violence. I use the CMS Wordpress to customize stylesheets, optimize SEO and create webpages that help raise awareness and funds for the organization.



Described by as “potentially the most idiot-proof ecommerce ever built,” this e-commerce site was coded with HTML/CSS, Javascript and PHP. I was commissioned to lay the groundwork for the front-end and back-end of the website for NYC- based guerilla art group AINT WET. It has also been featured on for its simple and easy-to-navigate interface.

Matchstick Creative

In October 2019, I was hired as a freelance web developer for the Liverpool-based digital marketing agency Matchstick Creative. At the time, it was called J&R Agency, but rebranded to Matchstick Creative in early 2020. (I renamed the company!)

Voxel Academy

Voxel Academy is a New York City-based coding school that teaches young kids how to code and make fun things with technology.