Augmented Reality Maze

Inspired by the classic handheld mazes I played with in my childhood, this augmented reality maze was created using Unity and Vuforia. Using a printed AR marker and a camera, players can move the physical marker to control a ball-like character’s movements. This project served as a model for an augmented reality workshop for children. They learned how to use TinkerCAD to customize their own characters, and program with C#.

Pokémon Trainer Creator

Front page of deviantart!

The Pokémon Trainer Creator was my very first foray into indie game development. A Flash-based dressup game, it has garnered over a million views on Deviantart and was featured on its front page on 2 April 2018.

Virtual Reality Cottage

This virtual reality cottage was developed as a model for an Oculus Rift world building workshop. Children ages 9-14 learned how to use TinkerCAD, Unity and C# to put together their own virtual worlds.

Miraculous Kwami Creator

Inspired by the Miraculous Ladybug series, this game allows users to customize their own Kwami, cute creatures that give characters in the show superpowers. I developed this game to challenge myself in Autodesk Maya and Unity.