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My name is Joy, a Brooklyn native passionate about design and technology. I studied digital media and computer science at Hunter College, and I have 2 years of experience teaching children how to code with languages such as Python, Java and C#. My lessons are laid-back, fun and easy to understand even for people who have never touched a computer before.

My schedule is flexible, and a personal computer is not required. My rate is $30 per hour. I accept cash, Venmo, PayPal and Zelle. Must be 15 or older to apply. Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

Introduction to Programming

Introduction to Programming

3 hours (Total Price: $90)

New to programming? Don't know how to begin? I'll help you get started with Python, a popular and easy-to-learn language that is used for a wide spectrum of purposes. Fun fact: YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram are built with Python!

Web Development

Web Development (Level 1)

5 hours (Total Price: $150)

Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript to create your very own website from scratch! This course is great for people who are interested in marketing or developing a personal portfolio. These skills are essential for anyone who wants to do business on the web.

Unity and C#

Game Programming With Unity and C# (Level 1)

5 hours (Total Price: $150)

Learn the basics of the popular game engine Unity and its accompanying programming language, C#, to learn how to manipulate 3D objects with code. Unity is useful not just for making video games; it's used for a variety of experiences, such as film, architecture, and virtual simulations for the medical and military industries.

Autodesk Maya

3D Modeling & Animation With Autodesk Maya (Level 1)

5 hours (Total Price: $150)

This no-coding course will teach you how to use Autodesk Maya to create your very own 3D animation. Maya is industry-standard software that is used in professional film and animation studios – even the creators behind South Park use it! This course is perfect for artists and storytellers alike.

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