Miraculous Kwami Creator

Update #2 (8 Nov 2018)

  • Changed UI:
    • Removed pages. Items are in a scrollbar instead.
    • This new UI should improve performance.
  • WebGL NOTE: Included an alert for Chrome users. The screenshot feature currently does NOT work on Google Chrome. It is advised to use Firefox or Safari instead. I will try to include a fix in the next update.
    • (For non-Chrome users) To save your screenshot you have to right click on the image that appears in the new tab and click on "Save Image As".

Create your own kwami with the Miraculous Kwami Creator! Choose between a large variety of different options, including ears, tails, wings and more. When you're done, take a screenshot with the click of a button, and share your kwami with the world!

Disclaimer: Miraculous is a TV show owned and created by Zagtoon and Method Animation. The Miraculous Kwami Creator is a fangame made by me. It's not meant for profit, just for fun!

If you have any questions about this project, please contact me.

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